GATE Exam is now Compulsory for all B.Tech Students ! See How ?

As per the discussions at AICTE, GATE is going to be partially compulsory for every private and government college very soon. This is how as an EXIT EXAM is going to be conducted, a must give examination fo all, which will be based on the studies done so far in previous years. this exam will be conducted in the final year of the and students clearing this exam will only be considered as Graduates and the rest will have to re-appear for the test and clear it in order to get their degree.

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As soon as graduation comes to an end, individuals look for a suitable post-graduation course. MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is one of the most pursued post-graduation programmes. We have come across several people who jump to get admissions into the top B-schools but fail to answer one simple question Why MBA.

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Why Study BBA?

Most established universities in India now offer BBA or Bachelor's in Business Administration courses. Similar to an MBA, a BBA degree aims to equip an individual with knowledge of the various aspects of business such as product and distribution, sales and strategic planning.A BBA gives graduates the opportunity to be employed as entry-level employees in big corporations, including MNC's. Industries hiring BBA graduates include retail, banking, pharmaceutical, FMCG, BPO's, and financial services.

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