Dream and dare,

"For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win" but dear success can never be your cup of tea. Whatever you planned will never turn up as you wish, and this unpredictability of life it truly fascinating.To ward off these momentary hiccups, you have to have a strategy of your life to fulfill your long cherished dream.

If you are aiming for high profile career then choice that matters as destiny is all about waking a choice. There is no point getting a degree from one of the mushrooming technical institutes, which are nothing but commercial ventures.

The need for an institutional effort towards grooming corporate personality rather than merely providing notes to pas the examination is obviously calls for a different learning culture where one becomes "a leader than a follower, a constructive person than a critic" and we promise you will made to live a splendid life.

May god bless you to achieve greater heights to serve the nation ever better.

Mr. Gupta Prasad Das


Ex-MLA & Govt. Chief Whip,Odisha