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The field of Electronics & Communication Engineering encompasses the knowledge of Basic Electronics & Communication principles, components/ devices, latest & modern appliances and gadgets used in the present-day world. The development of a country unfolds and is gauged by the technology; it develops, uses & exports. With round the world R & D in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering & Information Technology, the Electronics & Communication engineers have a wide scope & opportunity to build their career anywhere in the world. In order to conceive & grasp the basic principles & experimental skills in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering, highly qualified faculty & well-equipped laboratories are available in the Department. The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department of GKCET builds & shapes the careers of students by imparting quality education to meet the challenges, which the students face in the present scenario.

01.  Analog Communication Technique Lab
02.  Digital Communication Technique Lab
03.  Communication Systems Engg. Lab
04.  Basic Electronics Engg. Lab
05.  Analog Electronics Circuit Lab
06.  Digital Electronics Circuit Lab
07.  DSP Lab
08.  VLSI_Lab
09.  R&D Lab
10.  Microwave Engineering Lab